Lauren Abraham Interview: Olympia 2015

In this interview at Mr. Olympia 2015, Director/Producer, Fitness Cover Model & Pro Athlete, Lauren Abraham shares her view on what fitness means to her as a lifestyle. She also gives tip on how to create your BRAND, STAND OUT & BE DIFFERENT in the INDUSTRY. Most importantly she talk about being true to your heart.  When you do this the correct people will come into your life. Stay on the path, stay focused on your goals and NEVER give up!

Fit Bunny Jill Interview Mr. Olympia 2015

In this interview at Mr. Olympia 2015 , Fit Bunny Jill shares her story how fitness saved her life.  She overcame an eating disorder and a divorce at the same time.  She transformed her body from 95 pounds and became a National Champion. Jill found her inner strength through competing.  She is a true inspiration and athlete.  Jill continues to  inspire and help women find their inner strength and power too!

Team Zero Gravity Fitness Interview: Olympia 2015

It was a pleasure to  interview  the owners of Team Zero Gravity Fitness & fitness industry’s  power couple, Taylor & Ryan Bentson. Ryan talks about their successful lineup this year, 6 pro athletes graced the OLYMPIA STAGE. He also fills us in about the excitement and all the hype with the new classic class division( larger than men’s physique). Taylor shares about her successful bikini team.