Kaypacha Lescher – Astrology Reading For May 2017

This speaks to me (I’m a Gemini) Be your true awesome authentic self!!

“Whenever I am too afraid,
To speak and own my truth,
My light goes dim, I wilt within,
Disappointing both me and you” -Kaypacha Lescher

Kaypacha Lescher is one of my favorite FREE Monthly youtube Astrology Teachers.                                 Check out Kaypacha Lescher ‘s  May 31,2017 video..

9 Week Body Sculpt Program – Begins Monday March 6th

Im so excited to Launch my Mt3 Ultimate  9 Week Body Sculpt Program with you.  As a gift to all my members i’m including this program for FREE ( for a limited time) in my online membership. I’ve created this program after competing as a national ranked bikini competitor for over 7 years.   I’ve put myself through very unhealthy diets & competitions that where stressful and harmful to my health. This program will give you the confidence, tools and motivation to release body fat, tone your body & get healthy form the inside out by returning to your true nature. I’m sharing ALL my experience of  transformation healing from my world travels i’ve learned & would love for you to be apart of this journey with me.

Imbolc, Brigid’s Day

Happy Imbolc, Brigid’s Day  It’s time to  welcome the return of spring & celebrate rebirth of nature & life.  Brigid is the Goddess of Light, fire, birth, healing, regeneration, inspiration, poetry, art, music, fertility & love.

In the USA we celebrate groundhog day to welcome the spring. In other parts of the world February 2nd is also known as  Imbolc Brigid’s Day. This is one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals that celebrates the change of season from winter to spring.  Some traditions of Imbolc, Brigid’s Day include: