Bruce Lipton: Quantum Physics: Connecting Science & Spirituality

The concept that our minds can actually influence the outcomes of our actions is somewhat unthinkable for most people. However, people like Bruce Lipton have proven with his research about quantum physics that our subconscious can actually affect several aspects of our lives, including our health!

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body”                        – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Who is Bruce Lipton?

A discussion on quantum physics will probably be incomplete if we don’t talk about one of its leading figures, and in this case, that would be Bruce Lipton. Lipton is a name in the stem cell biology department, and is a global frontrunner for bridging the gap between spirituality and science through quantum physics.

Lipton’s work on quantum physics, which he started on in 1982, led him to find out that each of the cells in our body actually work similarly to a computer chip. This means that the cell is capable of processing information from the environment, delivered through impulses, and reacting accordingly.

The Biology of Love

Interestingly enough, Lipton stated in an article titled “The Biology of Love” that genetics only play a very small part in the development of illnesses and diseases in the body. For example, he said that genetics is behind only 10% of cases of cancer. 90% of the time, he said, it’s how a person perceives his environment that dictates whether or not he gets sick with the deadly disease.

In the same article, Lipton states that the protein structures in our cells are more likely to react to non-physical stimuli than biochemical ones as most scientists tend to think.

The stem cell biologist used a very simple analogy to illustrate his point. According to Lipton, when a person falls in love, he or she experiences heightened senses and a feeling of euphoria. The euphoric feeling results to people ignoring other factors in the environment that would have irritated them in the first place.

To add to that, I’ll ask you if you notice that everything seems good and everything feels light because you’re in love?

In his article, Lipton seems to imply that the change in a person’s perception to his environment – in this example, a person is in love with the people in his surroundings – will also lead to changes within his body. “Feel good” hormones, for instance, are flooding his bloodstream because of that.

Applying that to life

I am a firm believer of the concept that what our minds can conceive, our bodies can achieve. It’s all in the mind for me. If you train with me to lose weight, you will find that I will continually motivate you so that you get into the right mindset of loving yourself to get the maximum results in all areas of your life. It’s very powerful!Bruce Lipton: Quantum Physics: Connecting Science & Spirituality

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“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Quantum physics is actually quite a broad topic to discuss in a single blog post, but I hope I’ve discussed enough to at least give you the gist of it. My advice: keep your thoughts happy and positive, and you will attract positive things especially in keeping your body fit and healthy!

If you’re pissed off & angry at yourself, others & at the world  you can explore/ learn different safe ways to release that stuff so it doesn’t turn into disease in your body and you can STOP spreading  that poison to other people!  That’s not cool (I understand I’ve been there not a happy place but you can move through it I promise).

Join me and meet Bruce Lipton in person. He will be in LA Saturday August 15th at Agape International Spiritual Center . This is going to be a fun event!

Bruce Lipton: Quantum Physics: Connecting Science & Spirituality

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