Shawn Flanigan Interview

Shawn Flanigan Interview

My first Interview after exploring the beautiful land of Ireland for 3 months. Shawn Flanigan is an artist based in Cork Ireland. His designs are an exploration of shape, color and the underlying geometry of the universe.  Shawn Flanigan has spent a number of years researching and studying Sacred Geometry, Cymatics and Fractal Mathematics and all these disciplines help him in creating these colorful and intricate designs.

Each design invokes the symmetry that is found in nature all around us and is harmonized through striking color patterns that touches the entire color spectrum. Our subconscious naturally draws us towards this symmetry and pattern.  These kinds of designs are now rapidly emerging across the art world as people are rediscovering all of these these principles.

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In line with the eastern and native american traditions of mandalas these designs can be used as focal points to clear the mind and aid in meditation and concentration. Different colors and shapes will resonate strongly with different people.

Most of these designs in there entirety are made from a single basic shape like a triangle, square or curved line. The shape is then given color, texture and then geometry is used to flip, spin and merge them together to create these complex and dynamic patterns. A few are made from photographs using the same techniques.

Shawn Flanigan can be reached by emailing him and his designs are also available online tthroughacebook. There are over three hundred to see on his page and are all available as prints in various formats.


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