I’m here to gude you to remembering all of who you are, access your gifts & to show up as your highest potential in the world.

We are nature and everything we need to heal comes from nature or the divine which exists in each of us.  I assist clients in connecting deeper with themselves and their own inner knowing.  Sometimes all we need is a change, a change in location, a change in relationship, whatever it is, to get the energy flowing in the best possible way and connect to more life force energy.

One of my favorite aspects of Fitness & Healing is understanding energy and what your body is communicating with you, how to heal and overcome physical and emotional challenges.  I am certified in Personal training, Yoga, Paddle boarding, Meditation and Core and Cellular healing.

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I am a facilitator of sacred energy and healing transmissions. My workouts are healing sessions that incorporate fitness and I’m guided by nature, divine beings of love and of god, and spirit. These beings assist and guide me in what needs to happen in sessions. I get information about each client I work with through intuition and deep listening. I listen to each client deeply and often they will tell me exactly what they need in some way, whether verbally or non-verbally. The information about what we need to release and what we are ready to let go of is all available in the energetic field.

Shine Bright


I believe we all have healing gifts


We can do our self & let go of old programming


We are here to love, heal & fully live


We are strong & powerful when we work together


Here is a ver simple meditation and prayer you can do every day to support your daily goal to Wake Up & SHINE

Michelle Tarajcak