Supporting Our Servicemen & Women, Celebrate 4th of July with Purpose

Celebrate the 4th of July with purpose. The real celebration is Supporting Our Servicemen & Women.  This is the time to say thanks to the men and women who have selflessly devoted themselves to the defense of democracy and freedom not only in America but around the world! Take time to thank our soldiers and veterans. 

Speaking of events, as you’re getting to know all the sides of me, you know that I LOVE  to raise money by competing in many events. The events that I participate in are intended for raising awareness,  motivation inspiration  and share ways you can help your community.

My favorite are sporting events, which also allow me to teach fitness and health at the same time!

Supporting Our Servicemen

People frequently ask me how I am able to push my body to the limits just for these events. I usually just smile and say that I just set my goals & train for a higher purpose.

It’s A Tweetable:

“When I compete for a higher cause, I get into a mindset of inspiration & push my body further than I thought possible” -Michelle Tarajcak

This method is one of my ways for introducing positive change into my life. Why, just a few weeks ago I competed in a paddle boarding race which was the Inaugural Race Around the Marina in Marina Del Rey, California.

Supporting Our Servicemen

Since it is the 4th of July, this reminds us of the men and women who have been in the service  who now have retired back to civilian life. We all know that the government helps these people out through pensions. However, government pension is not always enough for these retired servicemen. This is why there are events held to help these veterans start their own businesses. The purpose is to make them generate their own income aside from what they get from their pension from the government.

There are several websites and organizations that organize these events for our dear veterans. I know a couple of these which are the and These events are held to raise the awareness of our organization which assists and thank our veterans who have done a lot for our great country.

Please share this information on how Supporting Our Servicemen or SOS helps our great veterans. The SOS wants to thank active and retired servicemen and women of the Armed Forces by assisting them in securing essential services.

One of Supporting Our Servicemen ( SOS)  goals is to secure local discounts for a veteran from their local retailers so veterans can avail of legal, medical, financial, dining, and other services with discounts.  The group also helps the veterans connect with companies that offer health services like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD counseling.

Supporting Our Servicemen ( SOS) also connects veterans to other organizations that offer free legal and medical advice, as well as providing them what they need to start their own businesses to support themselves.

These organizations can definitely help out our great heroes who have been sacrificing themselves for our country. These people  help out the veterans in times of their great need, when nobody else would help out. Share this information & support these groups so we can help out more veterans. Think of it as your way of thanking them for your freedom.

Please Share this Blog and Continue Supporting Our Servicemen & Women.

Happy 4th of July!

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