Beltane Celebrations

Beltane, an ancient Celtic celebration

Happy Beltane Celebrations!  Beltane, an ancient Celtic celebration is on May 1st.  Today Beltane celebrations are in honor for the return of the summer, the fertility of the land and the protection of all living things. Some sources say  “Bel” means the bright one, and “teine” means the  fire within.

There are many traditions that are still practiced today including huge fire and festivals,  In the book Druids, the Celts would get married with a hand tying ceremony in the grove on this day! When I was in kindergarten,  I remember the maple dance celebrations!

Tonight I will light a fire and spend time getting clear on what i’m ready to let go of, anything that no longer serves me, anything that is holding me back on any level, any resistance or comfort zones I’ve been in these last winter months.  I will write them on a piece of paper and then offer them to the fire and up to great spirit.

Then I will start getting clear on what I want to welcome into my life.  Ways of being and ways of thinking that will make me a better person in the world. I’ll start getting clear on what I want to achieve and set new goals.

I have committed to share & give permission to myself to show / share a more raw & real side of myself that has been keeping quiet for far to long.  I have beautifully combined my background of  fitness and core & cellular healing to share tools and work with clients, especially, empaths, mediums & healers to use prayer and the magic within to create a body and life you love!

I’m excited to share what sets my soul on fire with you this month of May!

Make time to connect with both the bright light and fire within you today!

Please share some of your goals with me I want to know. I will share more with you tomorrow.

Happy Beltane Celebrations my friends!



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