The key to success with my clients has always been threefold: Meals, Training and Well Being. Keeping these key three elements in mind, I created the MT3 System.


  • Rejuvenate: Cleanse & heal your body from the inside out.

  • Sculpt:  Create a fit body & gain more energy.

  • Maintain: Variety in nutrition, workouts & lifestyle.                                          

        *Each section include its own food menu, recipes & workouts.

Are You Ready To Have More Energy & Feel Confident In Your Body? 

Do you want to regain your power and take control of your health. Do you need an action plan?

Are you ready to change the way you think about fitness and learn a healthy lifestyle that will improve the way you look AND the way you feel?

Do you want to learn more effective ways to react to what  shows up in your life, release stress, fear & pain?

Are You’re tired of  yo-yo dieting, all the fad diets, quick-fix programs, and one-size-fits-all approaches.

 Are you frustrated with trainers and gurus contradicting information & over confident that their way is the best way?  How do they know what you’re going through? 



  • MT3 Overview
  • Rejuvenation Program
  • Releasing Toxin
  • Creating New Mindset & Beliefs
  • Self Care


  • Sculpt Program
  • Nutrition 101
  • How to Set & Achieve Your Goals
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Planning & Time Management


  • Sculpt Program
  • Nutrition 202
  • Mindset For Transformation
  • Science & Spirituality
  • Inspiration


  • Maintain Program
  • Consistency
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Myths
  • Supplements


  • Private Group Conference Calls
  • Q & A Sessions (Even The Awkward Ones)




  • Weekly LIVE Group Calls
  • Private FB community
  • 7 Day Slim Down
  • 3 Months FREE Members Only Videos
  • More FREE Bonuses


Register Now Live Course Begins May 1st, 2019  $499.00

I understand that making changes is difficult to do on your own. Learning new healthier habits, beliefs and lifestyle can be very uncomfortable. 

 I’m here to make sure this process is fun, entertaining AND gives you results that last.

Are you Ready To Create A Body & Life You Love?

Join Now, I’ll Show You How!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment will vary depending on your fitness level and goals.
I share workouts that can be in your home, outdoors on the beach , Anywhere. I also share advanced workouts with weights and in the gym workouts.

The average video is 5-20 minutes. I want you to fit in quick workouts whenever you can and if you feeling motivated you can do 2 videos to make t your workout longer.

Daily workouts, exercises & how-to-video. Healthy recipes & cooking videos. Member Q&A videos. Pictures & videos and a behind-the-scenes look at me and my lifestyle. Beauty and self-care videos. Motivational blog & videos. Yoga & meditation videos.

No, If you want to you can. I share over 50 recipes of my favorite easy to prepare meals that are full of flavor and quick to prepare (under 10 minutes).

Your workouts times will vary depending on your goals and what program you are on. I made the videos 5-20 minutes so you an fit them into your busy lifestyle. The key to success is small daily changes. If you are consistent you will increase you energy and strength and you will crave more time to workout as your body will get use to your new healthy lifestyle. Soon your workout that once seemed very challenging will become your warm up.

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